Darussalam Academy Hathian Branch is an extension to Darussalam School System. The journey of this system had commenced in 2009 from Shiekh Maltoon Town, Mardan.
Name of the school has been taken from Quranic word “Darussalam” translated as “Home of Peace” and carry the meaning of “true Deen”, “the Straight path” or “jannat"

 Darussalam Academy Hathian Branch has commenced classes in April 2010.



The parents have demonstrated full satisfaction over the standard of education as well as performance of their wards/ children.
 “To develop balanced  personalities who are fully equipped  with  modern  day  education  as well  as  aware  of  their  Deen obligations”.

Organizational Tree  

The Education    
3.        Education in the Darussalam Academy is imparted on modern lines. Creativity is a major tool in teaching learning business. Students are given opportunities to participate in all activities so as to develop themselves in true perspective. Developing critical thinking and analysis is therefore at the core of the school’s mission. 

4.        All the subjects are taught in comprehensive manner so that the students are able to learn the matter in the subject.

Extra / Co-curricular Activities
5. Education encompasses more than the routine academic subjects. Extra/ Co-curricular activities are an integral part of Darussalam Academy System. It shines the students’ abilities and brings out the real self in an individual.



6.  Art of Recitation. Such competitions instill the love for recitation among the young students. Students from different age group participate in the competition. They are awarded prizes to grow a sense of competition among them.

7. Quiz Competition       Participation in such activities inculcates self reliance in pupils. Their knowledge base is broadened and their resilience is enhanced. Students are grouped according to their ages / classes to attain a narrow contest.

8. Debates.  This competition provides an opportunity to the students to develop their communication skills. Such competitions not only produce sportsmanship in students but at the same time it proves to be a springboard for their future endeavors at national and international levels.   

9.  Educational Trips.    Our school organises excursions and field trips at intervals throughout the year to places of interest and educational value. These places are chosen for their suitability according to the age of children concerned. Besides being a fun experience these visits complement the education delivered in classroom.

10.   Sports.     Athletics, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Dot Arrow, Tug of War, Futsal etc competitions are held in the school to keep the students fit, harmonized and healthy so as to be ready to meet the challenges in life.


11.  News Letters & Magazine.      News letter is produced by teachers and students. Main purpose is to keep parents informed about the current activities and forthcoming events in Darussalam Academy. Production of school magazine would allow our senior students to become familiar with various aspects of writing, editing and publishing.



12.  Iqbal’s Day.     The day is celebrated in the honour of the great personality with a pledge to follow the lessons learnt from his outstanding works.

13. Guest Speaker.    Scholarly and renowned personalities are invited to the school for giving important lectures to students on various ethical and educational topics to broaden their knowledge base.
15.      Deen is verily misapprehended by our Muslim brothers. It is in fact spending life in accordance to Allah’s wish, which is clearly ordained by Allah in Al-Quran and Sunnah of our beloved prophet (SAW). Darussalam Academy, therefore, gives special consideration to this aspect as under:
a.        Arabic is taught as a subject from class one.
b.        Students are guided to learn the meanings of Quran.
c.         Sunnah of the week is exercised.
d.        “Moral Progress Performa” of students is maintained.
e.        Prophet (SAW) prayers are exercised.
f.         Staff with Deen knowhow is appreciated /preferred.
g.        Staff deficient in moral turpitude is dismissed.
h.        Nasheeds and Islamic poems are encouraged.
i.          “Noorani Qaeda” is taught at pre-school.
j.          Students are guided/ perused to be practical Muslim.

16.   Qualified, experienced and well groomed teachers are selected purely on merit basis. Teachers are encouraged to improve their qualification as well as instructional ability. Workshops on different important topics are also being arranged to improve their ability of teaching and management of the school.

17.   Teachers are thoroughly supervised in delivering their duties. They are checked for innovative approaches in their teaching. They are counseled to improve their performance after showing them their "Performance Report" prepared on quarterly basis. Computers and laptops are provided to them on easy conditions with learning materials in order to ensure improvements in their performance round the clock.

Parents Involvement

18.        Parents involvement is a large factor in children education. It is important for a school to work on this factor so that children education is enhanced manifold.

Parents Teacher Meeting (PTM)                     
18.      Parents Teacher Meeting “PTM” is a regular feature in “Darussalam Academy School System”. These are organized at least once in a quarter. An open discussion supported by result, records and class performance of the students is held during these meetings.


19. Syllabus. Most of the books have been selected from “Afaq Sun Series” because they are prepared on modern lines, contain good material and they are in concurrence with the aim of Darussalam Academy. “Afaq” also provides teacher guides to help the teachers in delivering their lectures effectively.


20.  Weekly Planner.  The school provides annual planner to the teachers, basing on that the teachers prepare weekly planner and submit to the Incharge Progress Cell. Incharge Progress Cell ensures that the lectures are delivered properly according to the lesson plan and with appropriate methodology.

General Information

21. Terminal Breakdown. The academic session commences in 1st week of April and terminates in 3rd week of March the following year. The session is divided into two terms:-
            a.   1st  Term:  1st week of April to 2nd week of
                                         October (followed by mid-year exam).
  b.   2nd  Term:  4th week of October to 1st week of
                                  March (followed by annual exam).
22.      Examination Schedule. 
a.   1st  Bi-Monthly Test     1st week of June
b.   Mid-Year Examination  2nd week of October
c.   2nd  Bi-Monthly Test:     3rd week of December
d.  Annual Examination:       1st week of March

23.      Breaks/Vacation. 
a.    Spring break (10 days):          3rd week of March
b.    Summer vacation (8weeks): 3rd week of June  
c.    Winter break (10 days):         4th week of December 


24. Computer Literacy.   Computer knowledge is inevitable in present day environment. The school is maintaining a qualitative computer room; whereas, this subject is taught right from class one.


25.School Library.         The school has developed an attractive library and strives to make available a large number of books on variety of subjects. Regular periods in weekly programme, book summaries/ reviews are assigned to students to ensure utilization of this facility to the optimum.

26.   Multipurpose Hall/ Auditorium. Different activities in a large sized hall develop and shine the individuals’ personalities of the students. This facility is also used for holding examinations and indoor sports.

27.   Canteen.   This facility takes away the school burden from the parents’ shoulders. Most of the items required during school hours are made available to the students at low and reasonable prices. School canteen contains uniform, bags, books, notebooks, eatables, lunch boxes, stationery items etc.

28.   Healthcare          Full time doctor is available in the school to deal with the emergencies and also advise treatment where required. Darussalam Academy intends to keep medical record/ history sheets of the students so as ensure their good health.

29.  Admissions.   It is an annual exercise based purely on merit and availability of vacancies. Generally, the students are admitted to the first year of Early Childhood Development (ECD) at the beginning of each academic year. Age of the child seeking admission in “Play Group” should be 4 years. The students in other classes are enrolled after necessary test in order to determine their capabilities of taking the load of the class in which they seek admission.

30. Absence.   School absence is discouraged except for genuine reasons. An application addressed to principal duly signed by the parent is accepted /allowed. 

31. Sibling Discount.       A discount of 30% to second brother/sister, 40% to third brother/sister and 50% to fourth and all other brother/sister is allowed. Children of teachers in Darussalam Academy granted a discount of 50% in fee.
        The leadership of Darussalam Academy keeps an eye on the latest developments at the global school scenario and adapts the best standards /methodologies for their students.