Rules of Conduct for the Students.   Students are to abide by the following rules and regulations: -
a.     Students should be neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform and pay particular attention to their personal hygiene.
b.     Boys should have a gentlemanly hair-cut and girls should wear scarf / Duppatta. Girls are not to put on jewellery/ ornaments.
c.     Students are to attend morning assembly regularly and comply with the instructions announced therein.
d.     Students should be regular and punctual in attending classes.
e.     Students are not to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal.
f.      Students are to apply in advance for leave of absence. The application should be duly endorsed by the parents.
g.     Students are expected to be respectful, obedient and courteous towards the staff members, fellow students and visitors to the institution.
h.     Students should avoid rude and unseemly behaviour, and conduct themselves with grace and modesty within and outside the institution.
i.      Students must possess the required books, notebooks and stationery while attending classes.       
j.      Exchange of books, notebooks and other items of use are not permitted.
k.     Cheating, steeling or telling lies will be viewed as serious breaches of good conduct and behaviour.
l.      Use of unfair means in examinations will be considered as a serious violation of rules.
m.    Scuffle/fighting with fellow students is a serious offence and must be dealt with strictly. Such students may be expelled/restricted depending upon the nature of the offence.
n.     Silence must be observed in library and computer room.
o.     Students should pay their school fee by due date.
p.     Students are not to bring any valuable items, jewellery or large sums of money to school.
q.     Students are not to borrow/lend money or any personal belongings from /to one another.
r.      Students should protect school property. Any deliberate and willful effort to damage/deface the school property will be treated as a serious breach of discipline.
s.     Students must look after their belongings.
t.      Collection of funds from fellow students for any cause whatsoever is not permitted.

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