Deen .                 Deen is verily misunderstood by our muslim brothers. It is in fact the way of spending life in accordance to Allah's wish and which is clearly ordained by Allah (SWT) in Quran and Sunnah of our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). The school, therefore, gives special attention to this aspect. Following are done in this regard:
1.   Afaq syllabus is adapted as it depict our islamic culture.
2.   Arabic is taught as a subject from class 1.
3.   Special efforts will be made to make the students learn the meaning of Quran.
4.    Sunnah(SAW) of the week is exercised.
5.    "MORAL DEVELOPMENT CHART" is maintained to inculcate the habit of prayers and good manners in the students.
6.    Prophets’ Dooa is exercised to make it a second nature.
7.   Staff with Deen knowhow are preferred during employment.
8.   Staff found deficient in moral turpitude are dismissed.
9.    Nasheeds and Islamic poems are taught instead of routine one.
10. “Tajweed” is taught in preschool.
11.   Efforts are made to make our children practical Muslims.

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  1. brother assalamoallakum sorry for visiting late your site . it is a great pleasure for us that your team is putting best efforts to educate our new young generation on real DEEN. we are praying for your improvement & falah in dunia and akhira.jazakallah ur brother m aslam salaria dd housing rawalpindi 03006896329 res;0515956760
    e mail ; aslam1962@live.com


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