Parent's Role in Education of Children

1.        An involved parent is the biggest element in the success of children. Willingness from a child's parents can work wonders in the classroom. They must realize their role as a parent in the education of their children.
 2.       Parents desire their children to succeed in school, but a parent's role in that success must not be underestimated. In school as in life, consistent support from parents is crucial to student's confidence and sense of achievement. Parents can support their children as under:
·    To encourage them in the time of success or in the time of their low performance.
·    Be a friend to their children as they may need them in problems they face even in street or at playground.
·    Respect them so that they should take their life seriously.
·    Stay in touch with child's assignments, tests and ongoing projects. Be available and enthusiastic; your child needs to feel that you are there to help.
·    Remain in touch with their teachers to keep up with how things are going in the classroom.
·    Sometimes you've got to be tough. But there's more to it than just discipline. Enforce in advance by helping your child set and keep schedules, reach goals and complete assignments on time.

One can reach any success he wish to attain, and he can accomplish anything he desires! But we as a parent must inculcate the habit of learning in our children. One of the most important things a parent to do is to create a culture of reading in the home for the child to explore. It is better to start reading to the child at a very early age. In order to get used to books and read them, they need to grow up around books. The idea of having the books around your kids will help them to be comfortable with reading and get education all the time, because they will learn this from young age. Do not forget to encourage your children about reading and learning something new every day, this will help your kids in learning and make you proud.

The only role model in your child's life is you, therefore you have to set up an example for your child and support them in reading and education. Children always look at their parents and want to be like them, 99% of the time children would mimic their parents and try to be like their folks. In order for you to teach your kids to love reading and learning, you have to teach them because it is up to you to show your kids how you would enjoy reading and kids would look up to you. Let your children see that you enjoy reading and show them that you are reading most of your time. Then, your kids would read too and show you how grown up they have became.
            Make sure that the books nearby your kids are on topics that they are interested in, and continually remind them that good reading habits will expand their world.
Once your kids started to understand the meaning of what they are reading, you should allow them to choose their own books to read. Let your children choose what they like to read. Give them a chance to choose for themselves.
By letting your kids choose the books that they want to read, they will be happy reading those books.

Letter to Parent's from the Director of Schools

(Dear Parents; let’s join hands to polish our children)
1.                 Education of children is the joint responsibility of parents and school. A close liaison between the parents and the institution can bring considerable benefits to the children. Consequently, the parents owe following obligations to their children with respect to their education:-
a.    Keep in touch with the Principal so as to be aware of the performance of their children in academics and other activities.
b.    They are expected to see the Principal whenever required to do so.
c.     They should attend Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs).
d.     They are required to cooperate with the institution in matters regarding discipline, uniform, punctuality and general behaviour of their children.
e.    They are to keep a check on the performance of their children in the bi-monthly, mid-year and annual examination.
f.     They are to provide a congenial atmosphere to their children at home for their studies.
g.    School diary is a source of communication between parents and teachers. The parents should see the diary regularly and ensure that their children do their home work / prepare for the tests.
h.    At least 1 hour time should be fixed for the study of children to do homework/ prepare for tests.
i.     Those parents who are uneducated/ do not have time to keep an eye on studies of their children, must arrange some relative or tutor to do this duty in their place.
j.     Parents should not let their child to be absent from school as it damages their school performance.
k.    They should create interest in studies among their children by discussing the studies at school, teachers, good students, class position etc.
l.     Children are to apply in advance for leave of absence. The application should be duly endorsed by the parents.
m.   Children are expected to be respectful, obedient and courteous.
n.    Cheating, steeling, abusing or telling lies must be viewed as serious breaches of good conduct and behaviour.
o.    Scuffle/fighting with fellow students is a serious offence and must be dealt with strictly. Such students may be expelled from the school.
p.    Our homes must be established on fundamentals of our true Deen; Islam.
2.  Parents are the role model to their children; therefore, they must conduct themselves in a dignified manner. Let’s follow our prophet (SAW) who is proven to be the best of all models.
Darussalam Academy
Major (R) M. Shakil

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